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OMY Solar Dryer - Size S

OMY Solar Dryer - Size S

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Wood from self-managed forests, aluminium plate, stainless steel, S-Reflect mirror

Made in France

With the OMY solar dryer, sold as an assembly kit, you can dry and preserve your fruit, vegetables, and aromatic and medicinal plants for a long time. Modular, it is designed with a system of 3 interchangeable trays (extendable to 7 trays). The food is placed on a grid or on a spit to choose the ideal drying solution for each food. Omy is equipped with a "booster" reflector for use in all latitudes and all seasons, as well as an electric ventilation system, powered by a solar panel.

Advantages & Specificities of the OMY® solar dryer:

- Drying temperature from 40 °C to 60 °C
- Power: 200 Watts
- Drying volume: from 1 to 4 kg
- Type of drying: fruits, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants
- Drying time: from 6 h to 48 h depending on the food
- Preserves the taste and nutrients of the food and the properties of the plants
- S.Reflect mirror reflector for maximum capture
- Ventilation system: electric with 1 Watt solar panel
- Thermometer integrated into the cabinet
- Modular trays: 3 interchangeable trays (expandable to 7 trays)
- Arrangement of food: on stainless steel grids or wooden food skewers
- Can be used at any latitude and in any season
- Transportable: carrying handles
- Stable and compact: pyramid-shaped box
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable drying: runs solely on solar energy, lifetime use.

Included in the OMY® solar dryer:

- 1 S.Reflect® reflector: adhesive mirror
- 1 fan
- 1 solar panel 1 watt to power the fan
- 1 thermometer
- 1 wooden box
- 3 wooden racks
- 3 stainless steel racks
- 1 stainless steel protection grid
- 1 black aluminum plate
- 1 plexiglass window
- 30 wooden skewers

Technical features:

- Dimensions of the folded product: 70x50x35 cm
- Size and weight Box for OMY: 52x42x20,8 cm and 11,15 kg
- Warranty: 2 years

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