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Neo by Nature

Refillable Shower Gel (1 flask + 1 refill)

Refillable Shower Gel (1 flask + 1 refill)

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10 ingredients :
- Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate: natural washing and foaming agent
- Maltodextrin: binding agent essentially derived from corn, allowing the cohesion of the different ingredients
- Gluconolactone: an antioxidant with moisturizing properties
- Xanthan gum: natural agent allowing to gel the formula
- Citric acid: pH regulator present in the lemon
- Sodium Benzoate: preservative to protect the formula and the user
- Mannitol: helps keep skin soft and smooth
- Fragrance: mild natural fragrance
- Biosaccharide Gum: a moisturizing agent that protects the skin from dehydration
- Calcium Gluconate: revitalizing agent

Flask (Made in China):
A material designed for eternity: stainless steel, a guarantee of longevity and resistance. Designed to last for generations. Protects your shower gel without releasing harmful substances into nature. It is recyclable. The bottle can be disassembled and each of its components can be individually repaired or replaced.

Made in France

- Plastic-free
- Certified organic
- Refillable

Here is a designed bottle, in stainless steel and infinitely refillable. The shower gel comes in the form of tablets to be diluted in the bottle, to find 300ml of the creamy gel after dilution. Natural and certified organic formula. 

1. Pour the refill
2. Add water
3. Let it sit

Three natural fragrances, blended by perfume artisans in Grasse (France), exclusively for Neo by Nature:

- Sweet Almond: The sweetness of the fruit mixed with the delicacy of its shell offers you a comforting and sensory shower. An essential classic.

- Bamboo - Hemp: The bamboo-hemp fragrance is inspired by the dew of the French forests. Tonic and green, are the ideal fragrance for a dynamic awakening.

- Lavender - rosemary - lemon: The scent of the south of France, like a sunny vacation, nothing better to start the day on the right foot.

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