• Rebuild lost reefs

    Reefs are home to a quarter of all marine life.

  • Easy to take part

    Pick your coral and adopt it in a few clicks.

This is how it works

1. Choose a coral

Pick your favorite out of the 10 different varieties.

2. It will be added to the reef

Once all orders are placed, The Coral Planters will collect all the coral to create the reef... including yours!

3. See it grow!

We'll share the video of the plantation, and you'll get news of your coral as it grows.

Choose Your Coral:

  • Exclusively on KAP:

    This August, KAPAW has partnered with The Coral Planters to create the biggest coral reef possible.
    The idea is to give a much needed boost to coral reefs which have been struggling for decades: the planet has lost half of its reefs since 1950. (source: One Earth)
    The corals you adopt on this page will be added together into a new reef in the Maldives and/or in the Reunion Island depending on how many orders we get!
    Take part in building the biggest reef possible and tell your friends to join!

Deliveries & Certifications

  • Deliveries

    It's delivered to the fish in the Maldives! It can also be delivered to the Reunion Island depending on the number of orders. Your purchase is a donation to an association. No product or service will be delivered to you. Consequently, no returns or refunds are possible.

  • Certificate

    Once you have made your purchase and the operation has been completed (on 31 August), you will receive a certificate stating that you are one of the people who have adopted a reef from the KAPAW Community. Within 2 to 3 weeks you will receive photos of the coral plantations. And in 6 months' time, you will receive news of the KAPAW Community Reef.


Why are coral reefs so important?

Coral reefs provide food for many fish, help reduce the power of waves, and are a breeding and nursery ground for many species.
Without significant human action, corals could disappear from the planet by 2050.

Where is the reef located?

In the Maldives! Here's the Google Maps location. It is possible that some corals will also be planted off the Reunion Island depending on the number of orders we receive.

What is my proof of purchase?

Once your donation (purchase) has been finalized, you will receive a confirmation email from KAP. Once the collaboration between The Coral Planters and KAPAW is complete, on 31 August, you will receive an adoption certificate by email. The corals will be planted 2 to 3 weeks after the end of the operation. We will send a newsletter to all participants to show you how the project is progressing. 6 months later, we will send you a Newsletter to give you news of the corals and their progress.

What is the impact of The Coral Planters?

In 2022, 5'827 fragments of coral were planted, representing 362 square meters of new coral surface. 115 artificial reefs have been adopted. This raised awareness among a public of over 1'300 people.

You have another question?

Let us know, we'll get back to you within maximum 2 working days!